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Without a certainty, Xresolver is a blessing for all players. Xbox Resolver software developers are creating a complement for the Xbox game console. This app provides access to different control strategies, Xbox Live social tools, and split screen capabilities. Nevertheless, but if you’re a novice, simply read throughout our entire post. Students will learn everything there is to know about Xresolver, including its functionality as well as how to blacklisted, reboot, or operate Xbox.

What is xResolver?

XResolver is a gamer tag and IP address resolution website for Xbox and Games console players. The above website is simple to be used with any smartphone or handheld device. It is mainly popular among PlayStation and Xbox players.

There really are about a million computer resources globally that use multiple game systems to perform around each other. To mention few of, popular internet games include Version of the game, Overwatch, and Response.

Remove Xresolver (Tutorial) - Free Guide

Including the enjoyment that multiplayer services give, there is the potential of data breaches. Nothing is worse than discovering that you’ll be watched when playing computer games.

How else do I activate Xresolver?

xresolver offers a user-friendly design which makes it simple and fast to be using. If you really are experiencing troubles with Xresolver, the methods described will assist assist:

  • Just go to Xresolver online webpage.
  • To find out what’s wrong with your gaming, use Xbox Resolution or Gamecube Resolution (Choose an appropriate option)
  • Input the “Xbox Gamer tag” to convert it to a Network interface. Alternatively, type “Email account” to convert the Xbox Gamer tag to an IP address.
  • Next press the “Resolve” button.

How To Xresolvers Login & New User Account

  • Every operation is now completed, and that you can repeat it to convert PlayStation gaming cards to Email accounts and Web addresses to PlayStation player ids.
  • Whenever you input the gaming tag to resolution, this should, predictably, be transformed to IP representation. The same would be applicable for the PlayStation; simply input your PSN login to see if it’ll be translated to IP.

How do I subscribe and have unlimited access to Xresolver?

Remove Xresolver (Tutorial) - Free Guide

The procedure of enrolling or going to sign up is simple, and no more data is provided. Simply complete the instructions given above, so you’ll be able to fully utilize the Xresolver:

  • Navigate to the authorized XResolver webpage.
  • Select and press the “Checkout” done by clicking the application form.
  • Fill out the form on this page marked “Sign up.”
  • Fill out the forms for “User id” and “Email account.
  • Select the Login button once you’ve completed your “Passwords” and “Verify your passcodes.”

7 best xResolver alternatives


This application analyzes transmissions and decrypt the data identities contained inside them. It associates the IP address with the user in Games consoles and allows you to collect messages from Xbox games. This really is compatible with the PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Pc.

Xbox-Resolver.Com Not Working | Try Alternatives For Xbox-Resolver.Com

It is a relatively inexpensive service that is simple to install and use, with continuous support and training. It is keyloggers one of xResolver’s characteristics.

Lanc PCPS Remastered

The homepage is an enormous advantage that has a directory full of Screen names and will assist you identify any specific Screen name or login by researching in their databases. Large number of computers scour the web for Gamertags/usernames, Email accounts, and other data.

Because it is already available online, this information is freely available and thus not prohibited to obtain. Lanc PCPS has a library of this type and employs resolution services for Xbox Screen names and PSN identities. It’s a freeware IP grabber and resolution that works on PC, Xbox, and PSN.


They state their merits and downsides right away, with some disadvantages being that they only operate on Windows machines and cannot work with individual games. To make adjustments, this IP extractor does not involve jailbroken phones or unlawfully cracking into the software licenses.

They provide $ 20 approach to sustainable development via Visa, bitcoin, or Paypal and resume work immediately after payment. It is Remote access and operates across all systems.

IP Address Locator

This is really a simple webpage that displays your existing IP address immediately, and a bookmarks toolbar at the extremely highly returns searches for Email accounts, domains, or webpages. It displays your geography, calendar, height, length, Internet company, and region.

IP addresses (IPv6 and IPv4) could also be found online what is my IP address, which will also give you with detailed details such as broadband provider, username, nation, regional or region, town, local number, and geographical position. They also demonstrate how to conceal your Internet address.


By looking for Screen names in google search field, you may easily share Xbox video and pictures with any fellow gamers. Extra information, such as Internet address and geography, is simply accessible. It is an expansive, completely independent website with a wide selection of games.

Specific Benefits:

  1. That utility can be accessed directly from the main site; have no need to install or run it.
  2. That was an excellent resource with all of the interesting features.
  3. Whenever playing computer games, the above app syncs you safe and protected.
  4. Companies have created it useful for its customers. it allows them to socialize and talk without your pals throughout this programmer.
  5. Customers will save and control their Sports DVR videos.
  6. The programmer makes it simple to integrate different games and apps on the secondary display.


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